About John

John Schlegel is a national writer for MLB.com. He’s been with the ol MLB-dot from Day One, first covering the Padres, then as regional writer for the West Divisions and then three years as a boss type. The last few years, he’s been back to writing. (Hold your applause. And your snores.) Before MLB.com, he was in the front office for the Padres — where, shortly after Al Gore invented the Internet, he invented a communication device that has become known as a blog, starting a little ditty called Friar John’s Diary in 1997. There, the secret is out…

So what is The Grind? It’s a reference to the baseball season — actually, Tony Gwynn used to say it a lot, that’s how it stuck. Some call the baseball season a marathon. As in it’s a marathon, not a sprint. True. But the analogy that really nails it? The Grind. That’s what the baseball season is, in a nutshell. It starts in February and doesn’t stop until, really, it starts all over again, grinding day by day.

So The Grind was begun to mirror that devotion, and after being sidelined for quite a while it mysteriously returned in October 2012, once again devoted to the glorious grind. The Grind digs ball, and celebrates it.